Omar Yunes,CEO at 54D

He responded, "You hold each other accountable." "You make friends and feel as if you're a member of a family." There is a support system unlike any you've ever encountered. When we ask members what they received out of the program, they mention things like feeling stronger, leaner, and healthier, but they also mention a sense of community, a shift in perspective, and newfound confidence to achieve new and current goals."

It's easy to see why the 54D movement is quickly gaining traction, with guaranteed results, an onsite nutritionist who monitors your progress on a weekly basis, recovery sessions that include cryotherapy and compression therapy, and trainers, coaches, and fellow members who hold you accountable and want you to succeed. They're also inventing and planning for the likelihood of a long-term impact from COVID-19, according to Yunes.

"Right now, we're doing a lot of things to protect the safety of our people and keep our facilities clean," he said. "We've had to reduce class numbers, eliminate some of the equipment we normally use, and make other needed and optional changes for our traditional in-person training program." Increased demand is an unintended consequence of these precautions. Our next cycle, which begins in August, is already fully booked."

"The pandemic has also forced us to alter our traditional brick-and-mortar approach for those who are more comfortable training from the comfort of their own homes," Yunes stated. We're building a ten-week online program based on the popularity of Garduo's live-streamed sessions, many of which attract over 30,000 people. The first week will be devoted to educating our members how to properly perform the exercises. They'll get daily instruction, an app to help them stay focused, and other individuals in the program to lean on for support. We'll also keep track of their progress and daily workouts to ensure that they stay on target."